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Bob Briskey on Photography:

“When I was in third grade, I sold vegetable and flower seeds for a school fund-raising project. The prize for selling the most was a Kodak Instamatic camera (remember those?). I won that sales contest, and that’s when I discovered my life’s passion.

“After years of having fun with that little camera, I snagged the best teen job ever: shooting assignments, including sports (my other passion) for the Suburban Life Newspaper. I loved the challenge of getting the shot~freezing the magic forever. I also learned what the “realness” of photojournalism could bring to formal photography. If I had to label my style now, I would say it’s a marriage of the two disciplines.”

Since completing my education at L.A.’s Art Center followed by Columbia College in 1986, I’ve enjoyed a multi-faceted career shooting portraits, architecture, products, and weddings. I’m inspired how light can create beauty in every image. And when I’m photographing people, I’m exhilarated by capturing that perfect emotional moment. When I’m able to artfully document the true spirit of my subjects, I know I’ve done my job.”

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